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Child Custody

Peaceful Child Custody Solutions Are Possible – We Can Help

If you are a parent, your children are probably more important to you than anything or anyone else. While this instinct serves us well most of the time, it can cause problems during a divorce, because two people who desperately love the same children are trying to decide which parent gets to be with the kids at which time, and neither wants to compromise.

Unfortunately, child custody disputes can turn an otherwise successful divorce into a drawn-out battle, with children caught in the middle. However it doesn’t have to be this way. When you hire Signature Law Group, we help you seek custody solutions that protect your children and preserve the future co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse.

The Basics Of Arizona Custody Laws

Knowing what to expect can make the process a lot easier and more successful. First, you should know that Arizona courts are required to base child custody decisions solely on the best interests of the children. Any petitions you make to the court should be focused on that standard.

Second, there are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody is the power to make major decisions on behalf of your child (such as those relating to religion, education and health care). Physical custody refers to which parent is with the child at which times. These can be awarded equally or unequally to both parents, or given to one parent alone.

Third, judges often find that it is in the best interests of the children to keep both parents actively involved in their lives. Therefore, some form of shared physical custody is common (although the split isn’t always going to be equal). It is possible to petition for and be granted sole custody, but we will need to present compelling reasons to deviate from keeping both parents involved.

Finally, the basis for negotiations is the parenting plan. This document lays out a proposed custody schedule and contains many other important aspects of a custody agreement. Each parent can submit their own or negotiate one together. If you can negotiate a parenting agreement, you are likely to have more control over the final plan and a judge is more likely to approve it (so long as it meets the best-interests standard).

Here’s How We Can Help

If negotiation with your spouse is possible, this will likely lead to the best outcome with the least amount of conflict. We are ready to help you with all details of the parenting plan, and we will advocate for the terms that are most important to you.

If negotiation is not possible (either because your spouse refuses or there has been a history of domestic violence), we will help you craft your own parenting plan and present it to the court, along with the information about why your parenting plan is best for your children. We will then vigorously advocate for you and your children in a litigated dispute, fighting to preserve your relationship with and access to them.

Grandparent And Third-Party Visitation Rights

Children often have close ties to grandparents and other adults in their lives, and these ties can be severed by divorce. When appropriate, we can help grandparents and other third parties petition the court to retain visitation rights to the children if visitation would best serve the children’s interests.

Discuss Your Legal Options With Us

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