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Spousal Support

Family Law Attorneys Assisting Clients With Spousal Support Issues

It goes by many names, including spousal support, spousal maintenance and alimony. There was a time when spousal support was awarded in most divorces because families generally lived on a single income. Things have changed considerably, and two-income households are now common. Nonetheless, spousal support remains an important tool (when needed) to even out financial disparities between divorcing spouses.

At Signature Law Group, we are ready to help you in all aspects of your divorce, including petitioning for or against awarding spousal support. We understand that this can be a heated and stressful issue, which is why we strive to help you seek peaceful and cooperative resolutions whenever possible.

Establishing The Need For Spousal Support

Spousal support isn’t awarded in every Arizona divorce. Instead, it is awarded based on need in cases where a significant income disparity between spouses would negatively impact the lower earning spouse. Spouses of any gender can seek support, and payments can be ordered during divorce.

In order to qualify for support, the petitioning spouse must demonstrate financial need by claiming that they would be unable to become self-sufficient through their own employment or cannot work due to disability or advanced age. They may also claim that the property they gain in the divorce settlement won’t be sufficient to provide for their needs.

Petitioning spouses may also tell judges that they contributed significantly to the other spouse’s earning potential and career opportunities during the marriage (by supporting their education for instance), or greatly weakened their own earning potential by leaving the job market to care for children or run the household.

Customizing The Support Award

After considering one spouse’s need and weighing it against the other spouse’s ability to pay, a judge may order spousal support. The court will then decide on how much spousal support should be paid and for how long. These decisions will be based on a number of factors, including how soon the receiving spouse could become financially independent (if ever) and how long the couple was married.

Over time, you can petition the court to modify the award, as circumstances warrant. Our attorneys can help you with that request.

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